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"The Art of Imagination!" At Masterpiece comics, we thrive on surpassing the benchmark set by this industry- We will accomplished something that this industry hasn't seen in over 80 years! It's call "Project 1938" A reintroduction of the "Golden-Age of Comics," with a commemorative price of 10 cents! 

Are you a fan of comics, animation, and cartoons? Look no further than Masterpiece Comics, a family-owned business located in Cheyenne Wyoming. We are launching Masterpiece Comics with two amazing titles: Superfly & Infinite-8, amazing characters created, written and developed by David Mogul. The Story "Project-1938" introduces Infinite-8, created by Franklin and David Mogul. Joining the family of talented creators, is Thiago Silva, an extraordinary artist and colorist.

Together, we collaborate as a team with a common vision of creating comics. Masterpiece comics offers limitless possibilities, crafting phenomenal character design, compelling story visualization, combined with masterful artistic layouts. This innovative process follows an open ended narrative- One planet Earth, one time-line, and one universe! Great stories that stretch the imagination and challenges the mind, while maintaining a cohesive continuity. Our mission is to build a solid fan base world wide, by introducing a solid cast of amazing comic characters.  

If you’re passionate about comics and seek to make them a part of your life, please visit our Kickstarter campaign. You won’t be disappointed. If you want to get more information or reach out to us with any questions or inquiries, you can contact us at (307) 201-2675 or at [email protected]. So, order some of our amazing products and become part of the Masterpiece Comics family today.

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