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"The Art of Imagination!" At Masterpiece comics, we thrive on surpassing the benchmark set by this industry- We will accomplished something that this industry hasn't seen in over 80 years! It's call "Project 1938" A reintroduction of the "Golden-Age of Comics," with a commemorative price of 10 cents! 

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Unleash Your Creativity: Take Your Imagination to the Next Level

We are a family-owned comic book and merchandising production company passionately engaged in creating original content and exceptional character development. Our production consists of comic books, merchandise, and more—each one provides unique insights into the character’s personality and development, offering ...

Golden Age Collector's Edition Issue No.1

Transport yourself back to the Golden Age of comics with our exclusive Collector's Edition, Issue No. 1. This carefully preserved masterpiece is a true gem of comic book history, and it's available to you for just 10 cents.

In this iconic issue, you'll witness the birth of "Superfly," the biracial superhero who's redefining diversity in the comic book world. The pages are filled with vivid artwork and a captivating storyline that will take you on a thrilling adventure.

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